The printing device is available in a variety of options, from scanning to printing, copying, and faxing. By using the scanner, you can read the images like drawings and pictures. After scanning the image, you can send it directly to your system. It is easy to “scan printer to computer”. And, if you have no idea how to do it keep reading the post and proceed with simple instructions that will help you to scan printer to computer in a quick time.


What are the steps to scan printer to computer?


The printing devices come in different models that not only include the drivers but a variety of programs to make the best use of the device’s functionality. One such program supported is the scanning program that allows users to scan the documents in one go. The following steps can help you to “scan printer to computer” with standard Windows installation.


  • Open the start menu on your system.
  • Search for the scan application. As an alternate, you can press the Windows + x key together to open the power user menu.
  • Go to the settings.
  • Click on the devices option.
  • Now choose the printer and scanner option.
  • Select the desired printer from the list and click on the manage option.
  • If your printing device is multifunctional, you will see the dropdown menu appearing. Click on the scanner option.
  • Click on open scanner.
  • This scan windows application will open on your screen.
  • Now you need to arrange the document you would like to scan in the feeder. Make sure that it is aligned properly.
  • Hit the scan button to begin the scanning process.
  • If you are scanning with a flat belt, make sure that you scan one page at a time.
  • The scan documents will be saved in the scan subdirectory of your standard picture folder automatically.
  • The scanned document will be saved in PNG format by default.


So these are some simple steps that can help you to “scan printer to computer” following some easy instructions. The steps we have shared above or easy-to-follow, but if you are still unable to scan the documents or there is any other technical query hampering your experience, get in touch with the team of experts for professional assistance. The printer professionals are available around the clock, so you can call the support team anytime to get advice and complete the task without trouble.